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2017 – Day Two

It is raining heavy, the temperature seems to be slowly dropping and three cats are on the back stoop, and seem to be saying “turn off the water, I’m wet.”

Yes, I know I have not done much with this blog, yet.

Doing something in a hurry is not always the best approach to a project. Time to think, plan and catch up other other obligations is needed; especially like the year was in 2016.


As I said it is raining — nothing can really be accomplished outdoors. AND I am under the influence of “the crud” which has me very irritable, extremely dizzy, and congested.

This type of day lends itself to doing things while seated, in ¬†warm dry room, with cozy covers, fair lighting, and mostly comfortable ‘nest’ [in this case, propped up on pillows and a mound of quilts and blankets].

– – – – –

Where do I relate to the BALL family?

The closest kinship ties to a lady who was born and raised in North Carolina.

According to several online sources that I have come across, Lucille Ball (actress, comedian) is a distant relative…which branch, and generation has the connection — I will address with a future post.

I do remember, it is a PATERNAL connection; and I don’t know my Dad would react to being ‘kin’ to Lucy. BUT I have also found other celebrity “cousins” he would be delighted to know about:
1) Johnny Cash
2) June Carter (Cash)
3) Dolly Parton
4) Marty Robbins (whose birth surname was Robinson)


Guess I had best get back to checking the archive files, which lead me to this BLOG. There are some of them which still contain useful information…editing, and renaming them will be my project for part of the day, today.

What will I find…I am not sure.

I will be posting more entries to this site, though.

Thank you for your interest in, and visiting my BLOG.

— Cathy Ann Abernathy